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ZIP Code. Stuck in a contract? The features you need at the prices you want. See TV Offers. See Internet Offers. Save When You Upgrade. See Triple Play Offers. Save on TV, Internet, and Home Phone with deals from Charter Communications Wouldn't it be great if you could save money on the home services you want and need the most? Choosing Charter TV service will expand your viewing capacity as the sheer volume of selections is unlike any other provider. But after you have exhausted that, you are done.

Everyone knows darn well that the regular price is inflated to begin with. The term promo is just a psychological ploy to con the customer into thinking they haven't been ripped off. Anone88d0 bhn. Anon97bb3 charter. Charter is hardly new. I've been with them for 18 years.

Let's look at your logic. Get a promo when you are new then get that promo extended when you're existing. Then it's no longer a promo it's regular price then isn't it, since you are always paying that price. Hell no you wouldn't. Why not?

Why are you being mean to the customers of your company forcing them to pay higher prices because you refuse to get paid less? Well considering they have double the price and if they can offer those prices that just goes to show there ripping people off there is no need for that high of a price we are talking about doubling somebody's bill after a promo.

Cable companies have been over charging for years and raising prices over and over. I been with Brighhouse for years and they did it. I would hate to have to cancel service just because they are greedy. InternetJeff I'm your huckleberry. Spectrum is a private sector business.

They run their business how they run their business. Demonfang join Spring Mills, PA.

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Satch join Aperson join Avon, IN. I absolutely agree I too am about to disconnect service and maybe I'll reconnect later down the line when I can be considered a new customer again unless I find a cheaper deal elsewhere but the prices being so high with these companies had me cable and internet-less for 4yrs. AaronG join Spencerville, OH. Does the person has to have a different last name than the previous account holder in order to get the promo if they share the same house?

Techie01 join USA. Charter used to do the same with offering promo after promo but when the new CEO took over in , they did not want to do the promo game because it was just a mess. A lot of people forget that Charter went bankrupt in and the finances of the company weren't doing very well they didn't post a profit from until Rutledge came in and changed things up and really started to try and grow the company again.

Upgrades to internet and TV were really stagnant before Rutledge came in I hate to say and they have been trying to build the company back up since.

2. Contract Buyout Savings

Most people only have the one viable option. If there were actually choices we wouldn't be concerned about promo pricing. Nucleartx join Belton, TX. Good luck, Spectrum refused to even come close to Grande cable internet pricing. The only argument that Spectrum had was that I had access to wifi hotspots nationwide. Or upgrade to Ultra for all that heavy high-definition, 4K resolution gaming and video streaming you do.

Finally, if you want serious bandwidth and need to push extra office or professional uses on your internet like VPN access then grab Internet Gig where available. But you also get more channels with Silver. Even better, you also get a selection of premium networks as part of the package: HBO and Showtime.

Of course, you are also including Internet as part of your Double Play. Take advantage of high-definition streaming On Demand movies and TV shows with blazing-fast Internet at Mbps bandwidth. Or upgrade to Internet Ultra for up to Mbps. Each upgrade only adds a nominal fee to your monthly bill for huge Internet speeds.

Spectrum Deals on Internet, Cable TV & Home Phone

TV Gold has it all. It's Spectrum's biggest package to date. Pick the channels and the Internet you want with this Double Play to take care of every viewing and streaming need you have. Spectrum features cutting-edge services for you and your family. Get great digital technologies along with:. Get two services together for a Double Play, or go whole-hog with the Triple Play package for the biggest savings.

Exploit Double Play bundles and HDTV bargains and save while getting two extraordinary digital services on one bill for great, low monthly prices.

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  4. The following are descriptions of some of our most prominent Spectrum packages. The Spectrum Double Play package combining TV Select and the service Internet brings both high-speed Internet and cable television into your home for one low price. Along with your TV service, you'll also get Internet, offering fast speeds up to Mbps. Unlike other service providers, you won't pay for your modem; it's included in the monthly rate.